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Good Dental Health is Vital to Overall Childhood Wellness

HARRISBURG, Pa. (Jan. 31, 2012) – During National Children‘s Dental Hygiene Month in February, James Bramson, D.D.S., chief dental officer for United Concordia Dental, wants to emphasize to the importance of good dental health to overall childhood wellness.

“More and more scientific evidence is emerging that links the health of your mouth to the health of your body,” said Dr. Bramson. “As a dentist and chief dental officer for United Concordia, I know that untreated cavities in children can have many bad effects – infection and pain – and the lack of good oral hygiene can result in gum disease that follows them into adulthood.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDD), tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood illness in America – more than a fourth of all children ages 2 to 5 and half of those ages 12 to15 are affected by tooth decay.

Additionally, another study by researchers at the University at Buffalo in New York indicates that poor nutrition may link obesity to tooth decay. Twenty-eight percent of the study‘s 65 participants, ages 2 to 5, who were treated for baby teeth cavities, also had a body-mass index indicating they were overweight or obese.

“These findings have important implications for dentists as they can help patients understand the association between good nutrition and good oral health,” said. Dr. Bramson.

United Concordia‘s Smile for Health learning center features a variety of topics on children‘s oral health, including how to floss and brush, preventing tooth decay and information on how what you eat affects your teeth, or for more dental health information visit our Dental Health Center.

For further information: Beth Rutherford, United Concordia Dental, 717-260-7659,, or Leilyn Perri, Highmark, Inc., 717-302-4243,